Entrance metallic doors

General Description

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  • The SETUM metallic door is a robust modern door representing a convenient solution both for security needs and also for the nice design.
  • The standard sizes of the doors are 880 x 2060 mm but the customer’s request all the models can be produced in non – standard sizes, single or double leaf. (see Technical Characteristics)
  • The door panels - can be flat or embossed and may include glazed surface.
  • The thermal and acoustic insulation are ensured by filling up the metallic body with low density polyurethan and the results are:
    • thermal insulation –  Ro = 0,650 m² , K = 1,540 W/m²K
    • acoustic insulation –  Ia = 29 dB
    • fire resistance –  15 min.
  • The tightness of the door  is made by a VARNAMO seal.
  • The door design was based upon European standards ENV 1627; ENV 1628; ENV 1629; ENV  1630.
  • For the finishing our customers can choose the painted doors (various colours) or covered with PVC self adhesire foil (16 models looking differend types of wood).
  • The safety of the SETUM doors is the result of combination between a solid metallic body and reliable locking systems. Because the safety needs of our customers are different, SETUM offers a wide range of cylinders, mortice locks, rim locks, door handles and other doors accessories. Our suppliers such as:
    • ABUS – Germany;
    • CISA – Italy;
    • S.A.B. Serrature - Italy;
    • are well – known brands for the quality of their products.
    • SETUM ensures the installation of the doors because it is recommended that this operation to be done by expertise personnel.

As a conclusion our customers have many possibilities to order their proper SETUM door version according to their safety needs.

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